Okay, so I Like have a Like teenage daughter and she Like says Like ALL THE TIME! 

No for real, when did it become acceptable for the word Like to be used in every other word. I know that in the 80’s I went through a “Valley Girl” phase and used the word A LOT but come one I am in college and sit in listen to these young adults give presentations and it is every other word.

No Sir I Do Not Like it
No Sir I Do Not Like it


Come on people we are communicators we should be able to present on a book or any topic without using the word LIKE.

I beg of you PLEASE work on this…people of my age and older get hung up on the first LIKE and do not hear anything else you said.

If you want to pitch a product, ad or idea to a client or your employer you will need to lose the word LIKE. I really hope you are not using it in an interview!


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