Never to late


As a child I was exposed to the world of agriculture through my father, who broke horses and hailed from a farm family. I guess you could say agriculture is in my blood.

While attending Yukon High School I was very active in FFA and every year from October to March I would wake early; rain, shine, sleet or snow to drive out to the farm to slop and water hogs. After school, it was back to the farm to clean pens, spread straw, walk and slop hogs. While other kids my age were cruising the streets and going to parties; I spent my weekends loading, bathing and showing hogs. An experience that taught me about responsibility, pride and work ethic molding me into the person I am today.

During, high school I also spent time honing my creative skills; learning layout & design concepts, film developing in the darkroom, silk screening and graphic arts at Canadian Valley Technology Center in Commercial and Graphic Arts. A logo I designed as a project was also picked to be used on business cards, stationery and brochures for a program at Yukon High School called SAP (Student Assistant Program).

But my path was altered as becoming a mother became my passion and my life so I pushed my dreams and goals aside to nurture those of my children.

Although, I achieved an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration and spent many years working in an administrative capacity, I still felt a void. My creative side had been lost in a sea of daily correspondences and various administrative functions and my love for agriculture had just about vanished. After working with my children and their animal projects my heart and soul began to dance with enthusiasm. At last my passion for agriculture had been revived.

Now that my children are now grown and not so dependent on me, I could focus on those dreams and goals I had set aside to nurture them. Bringing me to where I am today, Oklahoma State University, working to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications.

never give up!


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