To my son who is now a father…

Bentley Blake's little hands
Bentley Blake’s little hands

“His little hands stole my heart…and his little feet ran away with it” Author Unknown.

Bentley Blake's Little Feet
Bentley Blake’s Little Feet

Korban Blake, the day you were born was the day that change my life forever. I know you have heard me say this a million times but it is true.

The quote above says it all. I was smitten when I looked into your eyes. My heart was filled with a love that cannot be expressed.  I vowed that day to protect you and keep you safe from harm.

I gave you my all. I wanted you to become everything you ever dreamt of being.  I fought battles so no one would stand in your way. Only to find out I was the one keeping you back.

My brave colt wanted to run, wild and free.

You now are a father of a son…take heed of my warning. Let him be wild and free but hold on to the reigns until you see he is ready for the ride. Oh the lessons he will learn if you keep him close but free.


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